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Avant Loaders Spotlight Episode 2 - The New 523
David Burke
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Avant Loaders Spotlight Episode 2 - The New 523

This week we point the spotlight on the new Avant 523 which is available now from Pat O'Donnell & Co.

Design and Capabilities   
The 523 comes with three different cab options, the L, LX and DLX. The L is an excellent economical choice and protects the operator from rain, wind and snowfall. The LX option is the same as the L but has the added benefit of a heated cab and comes equipped with a door adding extra protection from the elements. The DLX option is completely covered and offers more space in the cab, larger windows and reduced noise levels. 


This machine has a maximum lift height of 2.8 meters and comes with Optidrive which offers 10% better performance, 60% less hydraulic connections, 20% less hoses, less heat build-up, parking brake on rear wheels and less engine vibrations and noise due to new engine mounts. 

The driver has excellent visibility in the 523 with a full view of the machine from front to back and the sides. All Avant loaders have a rigid articulated joint which makes the machine extremely stable regardless of the load. 

Fuel consumption is excellent in these compact loaders consuming under 3l/h with the 500 series. This machine comes equipped with high quality components which significantly reduces the need for regular maintenance. 

Selection of attachments 
The Avant attachment connection system enables simple and easy way to connect over 190 attachments to suit a wide range of industries. The operator can lock/unlock the attachment in place from inside the cab making it safer both inside and outside the machine.  From digging and construction to landscaping and wood processing, this machine has an attachment for all applications. 

For more information on this machine and all of the Avant range email 

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