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Rammer Excellence Line Hits Smarter
David Burke
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Rammer Excellence Line Hits Smarter

The Rammer Excellence Line is a set of state-of-the-art hydraulic hammers to suit all of your rock breaking needs.

The Excellence Line continues Rammer's 40-year tradition of delivering innovative hammers designed to improve profitability, safety and performance. With these new customer-focused features, the line perfectly represents Rammer's developing outlook on assisting your businesses to enhance your performance.

RD3 Smart Features & My Fleet Platform

The Excellence Line hammers are now equipped with the first ever monitoring system for hydraulic hammers - RD3. The system gives you real-time data about the operating hours, service intervals and GPS location of the tool. Get all the needed data by logging into the My Fleet platform. With this data you'll achieve superior fleet management compared to standard tools, make your processes more efficient and, of course, you will profit more.

Easy IBP Adjustment

Adjust Idle Blow Protection easily (IBP) in the field. This feature decreases both operating and maintenance costs. IBP ensures that the hammer can't be operated until pressure is placed on the tool. It also protects the tool from failures and tie rod stress, reduces oil overheating and protects against premature failures.

Simple Lower Tool Bushing Replacement

Rotate or replace the lower tool bushing in the field by removing the two easy-to-use pins. The replaceable lower tool bushing decreases your maintenance costs all while reducing the cost of ownership and operating costs.

Improved Greasing Channels For Tool Bushings

We have added separate greasing channels from the valve body into the lower and upper tool bushing. This enables optimum greasing for both bushings which increases the lifetime of your tool and the tool bushings - and of course, saves you money in maintenance.


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